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Intl Entertainment & Productions, Inc. Promotion and Production    of  MUSIC, FILM & LIVE EVENTS

 Business Profiles, Overview Int'l Entertainment & Productions, Inc. :

Int'l Entertainment & Productions is a multi-faceted parent Production Entertainment Corporation, also known as I.E.P., Inc. specializing in the Production and Promotion of Film, Music and Live Events and concert promotions. International Entertainment represents renown entertainers within the Music, Film, Pro Boxing and Stunt Entertainment industry. Each Producer/ Director affiliated to I.E.P. has been actively involved within the entertainment industry for over thirty years each, collectively years of experience in productions each specializing in their area of expertise. IEP also produces major media events, such as the "Stunt International Rodeo Festival " designed to feature top stunts as performed in motion pictures and television in front of a live audience including World Record breaking stunt attempts, celebrity competition for charity functions, and music headlining acts in concert, among a variety of events and concert promotions.  The Producers and Corporate Directors of I.E.P., Inc. have formulated diverse production departments specifically designed to specialize and support the growing movie and live entertainment industry including Pro Boxing on an international level. Our production services offered are well diversified within the following areas.

Int'l Entertainment & Productions, Inc. was developed by Jan Rickey including the business plans and prospectus of each endeavor. All corporations are owned by Jan Rickey Stenado, President of IEP, Inc. and Corporate Secretary with Dan Stenado, President, and Founder of Pacific Northwest Stuntmen's Association, Int'l Pro Stunts, Dan Stenado, Red Horton, our 2nd Unit Director for film and live events in stunt action scenes and Co-President and Jan Rickey Stenado who helped develope each entity and business plans and Proforma per each endeavor including Int'l Pro Sports. Both Jan and Dan have first developed these corporations since 1980.

MUSIC and FILM Department :

Omni Intl Management is our management and marketing division for represented Talent in all areas of Music and Film Entertainment. There are four departments in which we operate. Music, performing Musicians, and Recording Artists, who we showcase, promote in live Events, and Concerts world wide and in video and film production. Omni Intl Management assists in the Artist development phase in creating business plans, promotional presentation, showcasing the talent, establishing short and long term career goals and in Public Relations. We promote talent in every production we produce or contract to. Many of our artists in all divisions are listed in the "Hall of Fame" within their division of entertainment.  visit us at:


Stay tuned in for our Talent roster and event roster, to be published soon!  audio and visual clips will be available to hear from our various Artists we represent.  CD's are available from each recording Artist/ Group.

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